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What is CADgate?

CADgate 3.0 is a plugin for Adobe Illustrator CS1/CS2/CS3 (Windows). In addition to the ability to export DXF, DWG, and Adobe Illustrator files, CADgate 3 allows the user to import industry-standard IGES files. CADgate 3 runs on top of Illustrator CS1/CS2/CS3 (Windows) to allow for a dramatic expansion in data exchange by allowing the user to work with IGES files.

CADgate's Features

DXF/DWG/IGES File Import

  • With CADgate 3, one can set the scale and import 2 dimensional data from Auto Cad into Illustrator in order to obtain beautiful prints.
  • It is possible to specify the scale when importing data, allowing for the most appropriate placing possible. For instance, pretending that one only has a 16363pt for-way document saiin Illustrator 8
  • It is possible to convert a spline curve into a Bezier curve

DXF/DWG File Export

  • Graphical data composed of Bezier curves in Illustrator can be reutilized as CAD data.
  • CADgate supports the following DXF/DWG versions:
  • It is possible to specify the scale and units when exporting
  • It is possible to convert a curve into an arc or a spline curve.


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