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井藤 隆志 - Takashi Ifuji - Takashi IFUJI - IFUJI DESIGN STUDIO -




2007年、大同大学情報学部情報デザイン学科 准教授に就任。

1996年:海南デザインコンペティション96 家具部門賞(和歌山県)

2002年:PREMIO MACEF入選(伊)

2003年:100% Folding Chairs Competition 入賞(伊/英)


・IT 関連機器から地場産業、福祉関連機器までの市場調査および工業製品のデザインおよび研究


Born in 1969, Gifu Pref. After graduating from University of Tsukuba, School of Art and Design, joined Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. Engaged in the designing and planning of IT products.

In 1999 after leaving Fujitsu, worked as a freelance product designer in Milan.

In 2002 after returningfrom Italy, set-up the IFUJI DESIGN STUDIO.

In 2007 Associate Professor at University of Daido,School of Infomatics.

- Prize history

1996: Won the prize of the furniture division, at the Kainan Design Competition 1996.(Wakayama Pref.)

2002: Won the prize at PREMIO MACEF (Italy)

2003: Won the prize at the 100% Folding Chairs Competition (Italy/UK)

-Work Contents

Marketing research and designing industrial products from IT products, local industry products and welfare products.

Development of high-productivity designing using 3D CAD

takashi_ifuji02.jpg 2005年に開催された愛・地球博に出展された二足歩行ロボットです。



■ Rhinoを導入した理由


■ Rhinoを使用するメリット


■ -Why use Rhino?

Using Rhino at reasonable cost, I can crate and output the high-quality modeling data.
Rhino has the perfect interface, which I can model freely, and the modeling precision, which I can use as the designing data. Rhino is balanced between both those performances.

■ -Advantage of Using Rhino

With Rhino, I can create a free curved modeling essential for design works. Also, I can create a prototype by RP quickly and easily.

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