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是枝 靖久 - reed design - Yasuhisa KOREEDA - reed design -




1995年:株式会社アイデザインにて3D CADを利用した、デザイン及びプレゼン手法の研究、運用に従事する。

現在は、株式会社アイデザイン/i-DESIGN から独立、リードデザイン/reed designとして活動中。

Graduated from Osaka University of Arts in 1990.

Joined a furniture maker and engaged in the development of study desks for children.

Joined i-Design Co., ltd. in 1995 and engaged in research and operation of designing and presentation method with 3D CAD.

Now, independent from i-Design, working as Reed Design


■ Rhinoを導入した理由


■ Rhinoを使用するメリット


■ -Why use Rhino?

With Rhino, I can quickly create the data of objective shape with only a rough modeling or rendering for the purpose of reviewing our idea in product designing, and I can also utilize the data to designing phase or manufacturing phase.

Moreover, the data can be used practically for detailed modeling on the strict design condition, and I can rely on the data as an engineering tool.

■ -Advantage of Using Rhino

It is very important for product designers to recognize and figure out our idea and image quickly as a 3D shape, and by working through PC, we can clear designing and numeral conditions at once. Also, repeating trial and error or feedback is expected upskilling our designing.

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