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大出 耕一郞 - Koichiro Ohde Koichiro Ohde






Graduated from KUWASAWA design school.

Designing products like kitchen tools, tableware, interior goods, and medical appearance.

(Now in preparation of reviewing the works)


■ Rhinoを導入した理由


■ Rhinoを使用するメリット




■ その他





右ボタンドラッグによるビュー操作 そのままプレスすればショートメニュー(個人差があると思いますが...一日中グルグルとビュー操作を行った場合に、中ボタンに比べ、マウスを持つ腕や肩疲労が少ないようです。)


■ -Why use Rhino?

The interface is simple and easy, not prevent thinking, and Rhino can model flexibly and perfectly.
The cost-effectiveness.
The help function is simple and careful.
The users news group is very active and supports by Applicraft are very helpful.

■ -Advantage of Using Rhino

Having both "intelligence and beauty", Rhino supports strongly our designing process from the early step in image sketching, expanding the idea, presentation by Flamingo rendering, and through creating the final data.

Viewing operations, analysis tools, picking out the cross-section form, and shading supports us to model strictly while figuring out from the whole volume to the delicate nuance of complicated curved shape.

Utilizing data: To RP modeling or CAD/CAM system of the metallic mold, we can smoothly transfer the data from Rhino.

- Others

Quick response and stable movement: in the beginning of using Rhino shifted from Mac, I used Rhino just like a sketchbook on the entry-level laptop PC.

The useful and convenient command alias: I can access the command without competing the Windows keyboard shortcut.

To use the window more effectively, I can gather only the basic tools in the toolbar. Also, I can link the tool button to other toolbar, so the relational toolbar is invoked at once from the high use buttons.

Repeating commands just with ";Enter" or"Right-click"or "Space" is very convenient through some try and error processes.

Viewing operations by dragging with right button is just able to use as the short menu. (It is vary between individuals.) But after operating the viewings round and round all day long, I feel less tired my arm and shoulder with mousing compared with the middle button.

I am communicating from the data of the die machining to the mass production trial, smoothly with outland domestic mold factory, or manufactures abroad, in cases they are accustomed, by the screen shot attached sizes and notes and the simple specs mostly of IGES file output from Rhino.

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