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澄川 伸一 - 澄川伸一デザイン事務所 - Shinichi SUMIKAWA - Shinichi SUMIKAWA Design Office -



1962:東京都 新宿区にて生まれる。
1984:千葉大学工学部 工業意匠学科卒業
1984:ソニー株式会社入社 オーディオ機器・テレビなどのデザイン担当
1987:渡米 Sony America Design Center勤務 ウオークマン/ラジオなど北米向けデザイン
1991:帰国 ソニー本社デザインセンター ウォークマン、ヘッドフォンなどのデザイン
1991:12月退社、30歳を機に半年間の世界一周 滞在国が通産57カ国に1992、澄川伸一デザイン事務所/ sumikawa Design 設立 現在に至る

1962: Born in Shinjuku, Tokyo
1984: Graduated from Chiba University, Faculty of Engineering, industrial design dept.
1984: Joined Sony Corporation, engaged in designing audio instrument and television.
1987: Leave for USA, joined Sony America Design Center, designed Walkman and Radio for North America.
1991: Left Sony, traveled around the world 6 months for the anniversary of his 30 years old, and stayed 57 countries.
1992: Established SUMIKAWA design office.
2002: 10th anniversary after independent.
2003: Held an exhibit, Seichi no Itteki (A Drop of Subtlety) at the Axis Bldg. in Roppongi.
2004: active in designing various materials like articles for daily use, high-tech equipments, and furniture and so on.




■ Rhinoを導入した理由

ローコストの投資での光造形でのRPを実現できる点。 IGESによる設計サイドへの受け渡しと設計サイドからのソリッドDATAの読み込みがほとんど問題なくできる点。

■ Rhinoを使用するメリット


■ -Why use Rhino?

Rhino can realize creating the rapid prototyping model with a minimum investment. It can transfer the data with IGES to the designing side and read the solid data from the designing side without any problems.

■ -Advantage of Using Rhino

With Rhino, I can go on modeling very quickly while viewing the total balance. It has high performance of the free form modeling just like the high-end CAD system. Also, the data compatibility with other 2D or 3D CAD systems is excellent. And we can minimize the volume of the transfer data from Rhino to Rhino.

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